Hello and thanks for stopping by. This website is aiming to provide a free resource of tutorials and tips and tricks to help you and or your teenager stay safe online.

I created it following a recent talk I gave to the wonderful pupils of year 7 at the Premier Academy in Milton Keynes and wanted somewhere to point folks to. If you are a parent, student or anyone else interested in becoming digital street smart, feel free to comment, send me a message and subscribe to the new mailing list to get notified when I post tutorials and tips.

The first tutorials I am working on right now are on the following subjects and aim to give straightforward guidance on how to get things running:

  • How to use a password safe
  • How to filter out bad content on your wifi network automatically
  • How to tweak Google account settings for added privacy

Let me know in the comments which one interests you the most and any other guides you like me to create.

This website is free of ads and trackers and its contents released under a license that permits your reuse, share and change it as long as you provide a link back and don’t use it commercially.

My name is Axel Segebrecht and I am helping people be braver using digital things since the mid-1990s. I am available for talks online and in real life, COVID restrictions permitting. You can find out more about me on my personal website and please visit my business site (be braver Ltd) for any commercial enquiries.